Parents Community Talk: How do we raise children with empowering traits for today’s world?

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In this Mello Community Talk, we are going to have our ambassador Corinna facilitate a community session to explore and discuss which traits are the most empowering to develop in our children today. Which traits will equip them with the characteristics that can help them navigate today’s and tomorrow’s challenges?

When is it happening? 
Sunday, 28th March at 4:30PM

How can I join?
Register >>here for the zoom call.

Important notes:
– In order to keep the space limited and safe, we will limit the session to the first 15 people entering the zoom room. 
– We will start admitting people at 4:30 PM sharp (first come, first serve).
– The circle will be hosted in English.

What is it about:

Life has become increasingly complex to navigate in the last few years. Sometimes is hard to know if traditional characteristics passed on to children are as relevant today as they were before. 

This is why we have been working closely with our ambassador Corinna to put together an online community talk where ALL parents can join and openly discuss such a relevant subject: How do we raise children with empowering traits for today’s world?  

The goal is to open up a judgement-free, interactive and engaging conversation where everyone feels free to share their experience and perspective on the topic. 


Foto von William Fortunato von Pexels