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You’ve joined Mello, but you’ve noticed your neighborhood is not active yet?

We've collected the best tips and resources to help you build your village.

Check it out now!

Put up Posters in your area

Do you want to meet parents directly from your neighborhood? Print out some A4 posters and distribute them to reach the families near you.

To make it as easy as possible for you, we’ve already prepared a PDF template that you can use. 

Just print it out, add your name and choose where to put it!


Where to put them...?

Order flyers directly from us

We have a double-sided flyer that is ready to hit your neighborhood! Just send us a message with your address, tell us where you want to distribute the flyers and we will send them directly to your mailbox. 

Get some inspiration...

Get inspired by our flyer gallery of our ambassador community 

Word of mouth!

What to say...?

We understand, that even writing one simple message can often be a lot of work.

That’s why we’ve provided you with a few short text messages for you to use. You can copy & paste, personalize them with your own details, then post them into your networks.

Share a status update!

Other ways to support Mello


Share your experience with Mello in the app store and let other parents

know why they should join!

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Short text on your experience with Mello and why other parents should join!

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What is the Mello ambassador program?

The Mello Ambassador program is a 8-weeks program to help parents build their communities and create meaningful and long-lasting connections with other families. 

Supported by the Mello app and Mello team, you will engage in weekly activities to build communities and create strong networks with families, where you can find support, connections and opportunities for growing stronger together.

Why join?

The Mello Ambassador Program is your opportunity to make an impact by building strong communities for families around you.

  • Connect with the other ambassadors in your area
  • Build a community in your neighborhood  
  • Get a financial reward for all your efforts
  • Learn the best techniques for community-building strategies 
  • Make a difference! Parental isolation and burnout is a social problem you can help us tackle. Become a part of the solution by helping families create real communities.

What are Mello ambassadors saying about their experience?

How does it work?

The Mello Ambassador Program is designed to offer you the freedom to choose how and when you want to work on and complete the program tasks. 

  • Complete a task from the weekly task list. 
  • Complete 3 challenges during the program.
  • Engage with the other ambassadors and share your progress in the ambassador dashboard. 
  • As a Mello brand ambassador you will also get the chance to earn some extra cash

Ready for building your village?

For 8 weeks, we’ll be supporting you to build your neighborhood community with the help of a program that fits perfectly into your daily life as a parent. We will guide you with weekly missions and connect you with the other ambassadors. 

Together we will come up with creative, new and exciting ways on how to spread the word about Mello. We know that life as a parent can be a bit hectic, so you pick your own hours for when you want to complete the missions each week.8

*Before you apply, please read the ambassador-FAQs