How to overcome your shyness and make friends through Mello

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We’re not only grown ups but we’re also helping our own children grow, nailing adulting! Still life can look like an endless high school when speaking about socializing. Dealing with first impressions, feeling somewhat anxious and insecure don’t go away with age and certainly don’t get any easier while you’re divided between running at the playground and keeping a conversation going.
Those things also don’t vanish in the online environment. Mello is a great way for making new connections but the truth is that apps don’t make friends: we do 🙂
Here are some tips for encouraging you to make the best out of Mello.

1. Choose some profile photos that make you comfortable.

Might be a big cheesy smiling face, your kid’s drawing or a sand castle that you build together. Whatever fits your privacy concerns. As a mom I feel it’s safer when I notice the others around me are real parents, so it’s nice when the photos are somewhat personal. They also can spark an instant connection, which is great!

2. Don't be shy, say hi!

Creating a profile is a first big step and it got me feeling a bit confused about being an adult resorting to an app to look for friends. I didn’t want to seem desperate or vulnerable. Reaching out and saying “hello” to strangers isn’t easy… but, hey, we’re all on the same boat. The best part of the app is that we know for a fact we’re all in it for making new connections. Go for it: comment on that post, send a private message to a parent nearby.

3. Just like sharing toys at the playground might be a great conversation starter,

so is sharing in the Mello feed! Recommend your favourite places and things to do in your neighborhood, share your parenting life hacks, ask for advices to a community filled with know-how. Besides being a great resource for finding solutions it’s only natural to gather around topics you have in common with others.

And now that you’ve reached a few people…

4. Life is hard.

We all have children: the sleep too much or too little, get sick, refuse to leave the house… and there’s always the weather. It’s not unusual to get late replies or to postpone a playdate (and though it can be frustrating), don’t hesitate to get back in touch with that cool family you’ve just chatted with. Let’s leave ghosting for the dating apps and bet on our parent’s community kindness.

We’re reinventing ourselves and the very own meaning and ways of parenting every single day. Mello is part of that and we hope we can help tackle parent isolation one playdate at a time.

– Our amazing ambassador Carolina