5 easy steps to get to know other parents during the pandemic

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As you start your journey as a new parent, you may want to connect with other new parents who are also on the same trip. You could also feel like an outsider in the beginning, as you struggle to adjust to the new lifestyle, and new routine. In this article,  Mello ambassador Weina Cai will share her experience on how she met a mom friend even in the middle of the Black Forest. She will also give you five easy ideas on how to connect with other parents in your daily life: 

How I've met another mammy in the middle of the Black Forest - An anectode by Weina Cai

How to meet another mammy or daddy? Sometimes meeting another parent seems to be quite difficult, especially when u are new in town or just moved to a new Kiez. Thank god we have the Mello community to help us connect! Yet far beyond that, how we can meet another parent in our daily life? I  would like to share with you a small anecdote that just happened to me:
This week we came to the Black Forest as my boyfriend needs to work here for one month. We settled in this village of 4.000 people on Monday. On Tuesday afternoon while I was pushing Louis’ buggy, I saw another mom just on the street walking her little girl. I started to say hi and talk with her. Then we ended up walking together and went to see some animals from the nearby farm and since then we walked together every day. 

Today after a busy morning, I just realized by lunch time that we ran out of formula milk for Louis and my man was working, the next market is about 15 km away and I can’t even drive … oh my goodness!!! I thought of all the possibilities yet none of them is feasible. By the end, I thought of Simone, the new mammy friend from the village! So I ran to her for help and she gave me her daughter’s formula milk (even though the milk was for 1 year old baby, Louis just drunk a 
 big bottle of it and slept now !)  so beautiful people! Just want to say: thank God the power of parents’ community, I was so grateful  that it exists everywhere 💕

My tips to meet other parents in your daily life

Some tips that may be helpful for u to meet other moms and dads in our daily life:  

Thank you so much Weina for sharing your story and these simple, but powerful tips with the other parents.

Anyone who would like to plan a trip to the Black Forest or who’s just running out of formula milk: Join the Mello community and connect with Weina – she will be happy to help!  🙂

Do you have any other stories or tips for fellow-parents on how to connect and build communities ? Please reach out to us via support@mello-app.com. 

Exchange and share with other parents today. Join the Mello community