Berlin’s Chestnut Season: 8 Engaging Activities for Kids using Chestnuts

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Hello to all the Berlin parents out there! It’s that delightful time of the year when our little ones come rushing home with pockets full of chestnuts. Did you know that these shiny, brown gems not only signify the start of cozy sweater season but also provide endless opportunities for play?  As a new Mello ambassador, I’ve gathered some no-fuss, fun-filled chestnut activities for you. Let’s dive right in!

Top Activities Using Chestnuts

Here is a little list of easy chestnut activities – no drill or glue needed!

  1. 🌰 Squeeky clean 🚿

  2. 🌰 Treasure hunt 🎉

  3. 🌰 Fall sensory play ✋

  4. 🌰 Color matching🎨

  5. 🌰 Numbers and letters🎲

  6. 🌰 Beach games⛱️

  7. 🌰 Chestnut Art 🖼️

  8. 🌰 Autumnal playdough 🤲

Cheestnuts Squeeky clean 🚿

Prepare one bowl with water and one with soapy water and add some little brushes or sponges. Let the kids clean the chestnuts. What a fun sensory experience!

Treasure hunt 🎉

Hide chestnuts in a big tub of sand or even a sand box and let the little ones dig in!

Fall sensory play ✋

Add some cups and spoons to a tub full of chestnuts! The kids will have so much fun just pouring the chestnuts, putting them from one cup to another… you could also mix in some walnuts or acorns and have the kids sort them.

Color matching 🎨

Paint chestnuts and create a color matching activity: paint each compartment of an egg carton different so you have a matching chestnut for each compartment (one red, one green, one yellow and so on) and let the kids find the match.

Numbers and letters 🎲

You can do the same as above, but with numbers/letters and write them on the chestnut and the carton compartments! It’s the perfect way to learn letters and numbers!

Beach games ⛱️

Use sand toys with the chestnuts to play ice cream shop or decorate sand castles with the chestnuts. Kids will find so many fun ways to play.

Chestnut Art 🖼️

Make art by laying the chestnuts on the floor in a circle, a snake, a house… anything! Let the kids use their imagination.

Autumnal playdough 🤲

Combine playing with chestnuts and playdough: let the kids explore for themselves. They can hide the chestnuts, make prints, stamp… especially fun with homemade playdough with cinnamon scent!

Enjoy the Chestnuts season in Berlin!

Chestnut and acorn season in Berlin brings with it an array of imaginative play options. Embrace this time and let the fun-filled adventures unfold. And remember, these are great ideas for meeting other families you’ve met on Mello! Let’s celebrate this chestnut season together, Mello-style! 🌰🍂🧡

– By Mariella from the Mello Team

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