The 6 Best Pumpkin Spots around Berlin

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Connecting with fellow parents on the Mello app isn’t just about sharing the daily joys and challenges of parenting; it’s also about discovering those hidden gems in the city that only locals know about. One topic that’s always buzzing with activity around this time of the year is finding the best pumpkin spots in Berlin. While the idea of a traditional ‘pumpkin patch’ might not resonate entirely with Berliners, there’s no shortage of delightful farms and Spargelhöfe where families can enjoy the pumpkin season to its fullest.

Spargelhof Kremmen
Spargelhof Kremmen

Pumpkin Adventures in Berlin: Where to Go This Season

  1. Karl’s Erlebnis-Dorf Elstal
  2. Asparagus and Erlebnishof Klaistow
  3. Rixmann’s Hof
  4. Hofladen Falkensee
  5. Spargelhof Kremmen
  6. Spargelhof Kiefer

Karl’s Erlebnis-Dorf Elstal

  • Address: Zur Döberitzer Heide 1, 14641 Wustermark, Germany
  • Dive headfirst into the GRUSEL-OKTOBER MIT KÜRBISMARKT event, running from the 22nd to 5/11. With a spooky theme, engaging activities, delectable pumpkin food, and a bustling pumpkin market, there’s something for everyone.
  • Website:

Asparagus and Erlebnishof Klaistow

  • Address: Glindower Str. 28, 14547 Beelitz, Germany
  • Nestled in Beelitz, this farm is a sensory delight with restaurants, play areas, a climbing forest, and a mesmerising corn maze. But the real showstopper? The “Im Dschungel der Kürbisse” exhibition, live till the 5/11, flaunting over 100,000 pumpkins, making it the most significant pumpkin showcase in the Berlin/Brandenburg region. You will find enormous statues made with pumpkins, a food market and tons activities for the little ones, from petting zoo to playgrounds! At the beginning of the season they also organise a competition for the biggest pumpkin from the area.
  • Website:
Asparagus and Erlebnishof Klaistow
Asparagus and Erlebnishof Klaistow

Rixmann’s Hof

  • Address: Nauener Str. 23A, 16833 Fehrbellin, Germany
  • Located in Fehrbellin, it’s a homely farm that prides itself on its diverse year-round crops. With over 100 pumpkin varieties, their farm store brimming with homemade products is a must-visit
  • Website:

Hofladen Falkensee

  • Address: Dallgower Straße 1, 14624 Dallgow-Döberitz
  • This farm is a treat for families, especially from September to November when their pumpkin selection shines. Their extensive farm store boasts regional products and, during pumpkin season, a variety of pumpkin delights. The petting zoo, playground, and cafe add to its charm.
  • Website:

Spargelhof Kremmen

  • Address: Groß-Ziethener Weg 2, 16766 Kremmen
  • This tranquil spot comes alive from September to October with an exhibition featuring a myriad of colorful pumpkins set against a picturesque yard. Their regional shop tempts with pumpkin delicacies and the allure of Sunday roasts. They also have a petting zoo.
  • Website:
Spargelhof Kremmen
Spargelhof Kremmen

Spargelhof Kiefer

  • Address: Schmachtenhagener Str. 11, 16515 Oranienburg, Germany
  • Primarily an asparagus farm, it diversifies its offering throughout the year with a rich selection of pumpkins. Their upcoming pumpkin carving festival on 10/28 promises pumpkin treats galore.
  • Website:

Happy Pumpkin Season!

Berlin might not offer the traditional pumpkin patch experience, but its array of farms and Spargelhöfe more than make up for it. As Mello connects parents to create lasting bonds and memories, let’s share these experiences and more, making every season special for our little ones. Remember, the joy is not just in the find but in the shared memories of the journey. Share your visits on Instagram, tagging us ( or use the hashtag #melloapp.

🍁 Happy Pumpkin Season from all of us at Mello! 🍁

– By Gessica from the Mello Team


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