5 Simple Easter Crafts for Fun Family Time

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Hello everyone! Before spring is finally here and we all start spending our free time enjoying the sunshine at the playground, I’m back to bring you some fun and incredibly simple ideas for your Easter or spring celebration. There will definitely be some hours to fill during the upcoming holidays, and you’ll need only a few items to start with. As always, feel free to adapt these ideas, make them your own, and most importantly, enjoy the activity with your kid(s).

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Let‘s get crafting!

cardboard egg decoration

Hop into Easter: 5 Joyful Crafts for the Whole Family

  • Paper Roll Stamps 🐣

  • Sweet Chicks 🐥

  • Cress Egg Heads 🌱

  • Easy Cardboard Eggs 🥚

  • Handprint Bunnies 🐰

Paper Roll Stamps 🐣

This craft is not only fun but super easy! Simply dip toilet paper rolls in yellow paint (finger paint or acrylic paint) and use them as stamps. Then, decorate the circles with eyes, beaks, and feet to create adorable little chicks. My daughter loved the stamping part—she was eager to experiment with all kinds of colors. It’s all about enjoying the process!

Easter Paper Roll Stamps

Sweet Chicks 🐥

Baking is always a hit, plus it’s delicious—and if you’re hosting a holiday brunch, these are perfect treats to serve or bring along. We opted for a baking mix to keep things simple, but feel free to use your own recipe and decorate in vibrant Easter colors. You’ll find a variety of baking mixes for Easter-themed cakes, cookies, and muffins in every major grocery store.

Easter Cookies

Cress Egg Heads 🌱

This activity might require a bit more patience, but it’s fascinating to see how invested kids become in caring for their egg heads! You’ll need empty egg shells (halves), an empty egg carton, cotton wool, cress seeds, and any decorations you like. After preparing the egg shells in the carton with cotton wool and seeds, and a bit of daily watering, in about a week, your kids will enjoy watching their cress grow. Plus, it’s a tasty addition to your Easter dishes!

Easter Cress Egg Heads

Easy Cardboard Eggs 🥚

Possibly the easiest activity of all: Just draw a large egg on a piece of cardboard and let your kids decorate it with whatever materials you have—stickers, paints, fabric, ribbon. The sky’s the limit, and it’s a wonderful way for them to express their creativity.

Easter Easy Cardboard Eggs

Handprint Bunnies 🐰

This cute idea is perfect if you’re thinking of sending personalized Easter cards. Trace your child’s handprint on a piece of cardboard, cut it out, and make adjustments to create paws and ears for the bunny. Add a little face, and voilà—a charming Easter greeting for family and friends.

Easter Handprint Bunnies

I hope these ideas inspire you to dive into the Easter spirit with some creative crafting. I’d love to see your masterpieces, so please share them with our community on the Mello app, or on Instagram tagging @melloapp. Let’s spread the joy and celebrate the beauty of spring together! Remember that the Mello app is your digital tool for creating your authentic village. Meet more than 1000 in Berlin!

💌 Happy Easter from all of us at Mello! 💌

– By Mariella from the Mello Team


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